Windows Cleaning

Window Cleaning


We pride our self with a friendly team that goes above and beyond other window cleaning services. Our expertise is in both residential and commercial cleaning work. Whether a small home or a large office facility, we have the resources to meet your expectations with the best quality and attention to detail.

We provide efficiency with a personal touch, helping simplify your life whilst ensuring your home or business stays sparkling clean. From shiny windows to clean gutters, keeping your office buildings and corporate facilities clean gives your employees and visitors a welcoming environment to conduct business.

Cost Effective

If you want to try to match the quality of professionals, you’re going to need some serious supplies and products. The problem is that buying all these products will probably cost you the same amount as having your windows professionals cleaned, especially given the reasonable nature of Schoon, window cleaning prices.


If, remarkably, you don’t like the attractive window cleaning prices on offer and want to do it yourself, consider the time you’ll spend cleaning all your windows. Your house will swallow your whole Sunday afternoon, and your office, well, you’d better write off the week.


Even if you don’t mind giving up your time to wash your windows, consider your poor back. Washing windows is seriously hard work, full of climbing, stretching, arching and wiping. It’s far easier to sit back and let the professionals subject themselves to that sort of intensive labor.


Perhaps the most important factor to consider is the fact that washing windows, particularly at height, can be very dangerous. Unless you’re an abseiling pro, you’ll need to reach high windows with the use of a ladder, which does present the danger of falling. It`s far safer to let experienced cleaners handle this type of job.

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